Hi! I’m Dana, a student in communications at Johns Hopkins University. Right now, I’m taking a course on how to leverage social and digital media to best represent ourselves and the groups we work for – whether those be corporate brands, government or non-profit organizations, or other workplaces where the image we project online is important to real-world perceptions.

This blog is an extension of the coursework for this digital media class. The posts are related to the books we are reading. I’ll try to bring in many references to other interesting articles, videos, etc. on the web. My goal is to make this blog not just informational, but fun and interactive as well.

It’s intended be a resource for anyone who wants to embrace the opportunities of new online media, and to get involved in the conversations taking place online. It is also a resource for those who want to learn about how these interconnected platforms are reshaping the way conversations and information sharing take place and empower the average Internet user.

I hope you’ll find this blog to be helpful, and feedback is always welcome!